Wills and Estate Lawyers Edmonton

The Undeniable Reasons to Hire a Probate Lawyer to Write Your Will

You can write your last will on a normal paper, and under certain circumstances, even the honourable court may accept it as a valid testimony in case disgruntled relatives challenge your will. But before this happens for real, you must ask yourself one question – why would you take a chance with your last financial decision instead of hiring an estate lawyer?

Wills and Estate Lawyers Edmonton

Creating a will is a critical part of personal financial planning that outlines your wealth distribution and ensures your wishes will be carried out effectively after your passing. While you can use software tools and innumerable online resources to create a DIY will, it is never recommended. The reasons mentioned below will help you learn the importance of hiring a lawyer to create your will.

#1 Probate Lawyers Have In-Depth Knowledge and Legal Expertise in This Field

Lawyers specialized in probate law and estate planning underwent in-depth education and extensive training to comprehend the intricacies of wills, testaments, and other similar legal documents. You must also understand that laws and rules, irrespective of domain, are ever-changing. Probate laws are no exception.

Lawyers practising in this field always stay updated with the changing regulations and can draft a will precisely while maintaining the legal requirements. Since probate lawyers are well-versed in this particular field, their contribution to preventing clients from future disputes and complications is undeniable. Depending on clients’ unique circumstances, they can also deliver personalized solutions to each of them. Let’s discuss this benefit in detail in our next point.

#2 Customization as Per Your Requirements

In the introduction section of this post, we have talked about online tools, software, and resources that an individual can use to make his will on his own. However, DIY will templates provide a generic solution that can’t be customized to each individual’s unique circumstances. Thankfully, wills and estate lawyers in Edmonton or other cities can do that. They strive to understand clients’ assets, liabilities and wishes for estate distribution. Most importantly, they also take time to figure out family dynamics before drafting the will.

Software or DIY will templates can’t provide you with this level of customization and personalized touch in making your will. Only an expert probate lawyer can do that. Apart from drafting provisions, they can also legally minimize your tax liabilities and ensure your family’s well-being. You can also count on them to address any of your special considerations.

Reasons to Hire a Probate Lawyer

#3 They Can Help Avoid Mistakes

DIY efforts to write wills may cause errors and omissions, paving the way for serious consequences. Some common mistakes that people often make while writing their own will are as follows:

  1. Fail to account for all assets. It causes inadvertent distribution of wealth.
  2. Ambiguities in language may cause disputes and arguments among beneficiaries.
  3. Not appointing a guardian or executor for minor children.
  4. Incorrect identification of beneficiaries and their roles.

Wills and estate lawyers in Edmonton or other cities are well-versed in using legal language to write a clear and error-free will for clients. They guide clients through the will-writing process, beneficiary designations and contingency planning. You can hire one of them to avoid costly mistakes while writing a will and avail of expert advice for tax and estate planning.

Now comes the most critical question: who should you hire to write your will? Well, you can search online with terms like estate and will lawyers near me and hire any random lawyer you come across in the search results. Since you are already on our website, we recommend you explore it to learn more about our team, services, and areas of expertise. We are Peter B Mason Professional Corporation Real Estate Lawyers, a highly rated and well-trusted law firm operating in Edmonton North, Edmonton South, St. Albert, Downtown, and other areas. You can confidently count on us to create a flawless will. Together, we can take the most critical step of estate planning and help your family members avoid misunderstanding.