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Top 3 Signs to Have an Edmonton Real Estate Lawyer for Home Sale

So, you are selling your home. Well, that’s a great idea in a place like Edmonton, Alberta, to earn a huge percentage of ROI. But, during the home sale, we suggest having the best Edmonton real estate lawyers to ensure the fairest deal. A real estate lawyer just doesn’t take care of the entire deal on your behalf but ensures a smooth transaction as well.

In fact, there are more signs saying you should have a real estate lawyer during your home sales. Let us tell you.

Signs You Need Real Estate Lawyers in Edmonton for Home Sale

According to a recent real estate report in Edmonton, even the price of an average home here is quite tempting. Yet, it’s the right time to sell your home in Alberta.

But make sure you have the best real estate lawyer for the home sale, especially in case of the following signs:

#1: You want to Keep Your Documents in Order-

To have the fairest deal during the home sale, you must have all the required documents organized and accurately done paperwork before the transaction. No wonder it’s challenging for you without much knowledge regarding the current real estate rules and regulations of Edmonton. Yet, you better hire a real estate lawyer to get the paperwork finalized on your behalf.

#2: You need Expert Help for Closing-

Like buyers, sellers don’t have to submit all the documents ahead of time. Instead, while selling your home, you can arrange and provide all your paperwork once you get the contract in hand with a defined closing date.

But during the closing process, you should have professional real estate lawyers to help with the translation when you have no idea about the real estate terms and conditions. For example:

  • Preparing the necessary documents
  • Ordering the payout statement for the seller’s mortgage
  • Pay out the bank from the sale amount and discharge the mortgage etc.

Also, the lawyers can give a clear idea of how long the closing will take since it can vary for every individual. Generally, closing for a sale takes around less than a week if all your paperwork is correct. That’s why you should get help from a real estate lawyer to complete the process quickly.

#3: You Want a Smooth Closing Process for Your Home Sale-

To ensure you have a smooth closing procedure at the time of home sale transactions, you need to keep your latest RPR ready while completing the required terms of the purchase contract to submit them during the closing process.

And to get the entire procedure done accurately and smoothly, you should contact a real estate lawyer to rest assured the closing process will be conveyed.

Bottom Line

So, if you have decided to sell the home and finalized the deal, look no further for a  real estate lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta, than us. At Peter B Mason Real Estate Lawyers, we have a team of professionals to assist you with home sales and purchases, including residential real estate disputes and mortgage financing. Also, you can find our real estate lawyers available in Calgary. Contact us now to get a FREE estimate today! Also, if you have any queries, feel free to ask us.